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Industriële schoonmaak datacenters
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About FCCleanTech

FCCleanTech is a specialized company in cleaning technical areas. This includes technical rooms such as low and high voltage space, generator room, space around coolers and especially data centres.

FCCleanTech performs this work;
• during and after construction work. FC
CleanTech performs general cleaning of the room.
• before delivery of the location, whereby FC
CleanTech takes care of the deep clean.
The racks / cabinets are also cleaned internally.
• when the installations are live. FC
CleanTech takes care of the general cleaning and deep clean service.
• in a room classified as EPA (Electro Protected Area).

FCCleanTech is certified for general

cleaning and deep clean on secured racks / cabinets
For cleaning the technical room, specific knowledge of personnel is needed, which uses special equipment and material. This is done entirely in accordance with the SNA registration (Stichting Normering Arbeid NEN4400-1) and in accordance with VCA.
Upon entering the room, we will discuss with our contact person what is being done and what you expect from FC
CleanTech on this day. We will then receive an instruction as to which racks and / or cabinets may and may not be cleaned and we will do a short check on any damage in the room and on the equipment. If permission is given, we will take pictures of the space. This visual material will only be used for reporting purposes and will not be shared with third parties without express permission.


With the cleaning, the following documents are transferred to the client: Delivery protocol:
After each cleaning, a delivery protocol is drawn up by FC
CleanTech, which is signed by the
client Report:

A report is drawn up for each space with, if permission is granted, a substantiation in visual material.


FCCleanTech staff is chosen based on our customers’ requirements and expectations. Our experience shows that customers support our operations to maximize the life and availability of installed systems. FCCleanTech personnel are ESD trained according to IEC 61340 and have VCA certification.

Antistatic ESD product protection clothing

Optimum protection is required when working with electronic components, as sensitive components must be protected against electrostatic discharge. That is why FCCleanTech uses clothing that has anti-static and electrostatic discharge (Electrostatic Discharge) properties.